Report: Birmingham ‘least pretentious’ city in America

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham was ranked as the “least pretentious” city in America, according to a report out from Cafe Valet, a purveyor of single serve coffee, in what they call their “first annual pretension index.”

The report named San Francisco as the most pretentious city in America,  with a score of 84.5 on the pretension index.

According to the report, “The Pretension Index examines not only America’s most pretentious cities but also the least pretentious ones, noting major U.S. cities that eschew the trappings of the cultural elite (such as art galleries on every block downtown, Whole Foods that are leading the way to gentrifying neighborhoods and the struggling poets who are just a little bit better than you and me).”

As for the criteria used in the report, the index is based on a “combination of metrics from three categories,” including “Local Business concentration,” which lists yoga studios per capita, and the number of Whole Foods per capita among others; “Area interests,” which includes the number of people interested in: philosophy, poetry and Moleskine notebooks to name a few.

The final category was “Area activities,” made up of metrics related to the number of community gardens per capita as well as the number of opera related events.

Birmingham scored an 18, tying with Riverside, Ca. for the least pretentious city in America.

You can check out the report in its entirety HERE.

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