Samantha Payne’s parents speak about daughter’s murder investigation

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The parents of Samantha Payne spoke about the investigation into their daughter’s alleged murder Thursday. Suzy and Roy Payne tell WIAT they don’t understand why someone would have hurt their daughter.

Samantha Christine Payne
Samantha Christine Payne

“I just want to see her one more time and let her know that momma and daddy are here now,” Suzy Payne says, choking back tears. Sitting at a brown conference table at the Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s Office Thursday, Suzy and her husband Roy talked about their smiling daughter.

“She never met a stranger,” Roy said. Samantha left their home on October 30th. It was her birthday. Days later she would dead. Michael Belcher and Chylli Bruce would be charged with her murder.

“The first thing I would ask them is why? I would really, really like to know why,” Suzy asked. Court documents show that Samantha was assaulted over Halloween weekend, tied up and taken into the Talladega National Forest. There, according to investigators, Belcher asked an associate for a knife. Hunters would find Samantha’s body a week later tied to a tree.

Thursday, just minutes after WAIT spoke to the Paynes, Tuscaloosa Sheriff’s deputies arrested two more people. Alyssa Watson, 22, and Marcus George, 34, both of Centreville, are charged with first degree kidnapping.

“I’m a soft-hearted person,” Roy Payne said, “It’s gonna be a tough thing holding my wife together all this time.”

“I will never see her again,” Suzy Payne said, wiping tears.

“I can’t even see her now, just one more time, to say good bye.”

The Paynes didn’t have insurance on Samantha. They said they never thought something like this would happen. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with funeral costs.

“I still wake up and think she’s going to walk through the door any minute,” Suzy cried. “I can’t believe that this has happened.”

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