UA students: It’s common to be called the N-word on campus

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The issue of race has made its way to the president’s office at the University of Alabama. Dr. Stuart Bell has reportedly met with students and staff to have conversations about the issue, examining past practices and renewing continued commitment to equality and inclusion for everyone.

After the Mizzou president recently resigned amid racial tension on campus, several African American students at UA produced a video about being black on Alabama’s campus.

Elliot Spillers and several other African American students are featured in the video. The student government president said it was done to educate others on campus about the problems of racism.

“Just to educate people on an issue that a lot of people sweep under the rug, especially in Southern culture. And it’s an amazing opportunity for us to share some things that have happened to us and educate people,” Spillers said.

Spillers and the other students involved in the video’s production say they have been called the N-word when attending frat parties and even while walking on campus.

Senior Amanda Bennett says it has been an eye-opening experience she hopes others can learn from.

“Someone earlier asked me ‘is it common to be called the N-word on campus?’ and I said ‘yes, just because a white person doesn’t experience it, doesn’t mean its not happening to students of color on this campus.'”

The students say the video has gotten over 200,000 views on social media.

President Bell was not available for comment.

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