eCo Savings Race: Gaydosh family update

gaydosh family

(WIAT) — Over the last few weeks, the eCo Savings Race coaches have shared their team’s progress.

Kenny Minton, one of the coaches for the Gaydosh family said, “When I first met Jacob and Molly Gaydosh, they were in really good financial condition.”

The Gaydoshes had already cleared one financial hurdle in the race.

Minton said, “They had already accomplished baby step number one of having at least $1000 in savings.”

This allowed them to focus more on their goals.

Minton said, “They had a lot of large goals that they’d like to accomplish throughout the race.”

Their commitment is making a real difference in their progress.

Minton said, “They’re working on a budget pretty hard right now so that they can stick to that budget and be able to accomplish the
goals they’re wanting to accomplish.”

Follow the families and vote for your favorite HERE.

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