Ohio judge brings courtroom to hospital for leukemia patient

(WIAT) — An Ohio man battling leukemia was too sick to adopt the girl he’s raised since she was 5-years-old, so the judge took his courtroom to the hospital.

“She’s a blessing,” said Rob Maines.

Aubrie feels the same about him.

“He’s raised me since I was five,” said Aubrie Maines. “He’s the one that’s been there.”

Through fishing trips and motorcycle rides, to helping Aubrie with homework.

“He’s taken Aubrie under his wing,” said Heather Maines, Aubrie’s mother. “She is his daughter.”

Legally, Aubrie has been his step-daughter.

All that was about to change. They started the adoption process when Rob, who had battled leukemia once before, was diagnosed with a more aggressive form of the disease.

His health took a turn. Rob couldn’t make it to the court hearing.

“We’ve been wanting to do this for so long and we’re doing it all of a sudden here I am again in the hospital, sick,” said Rob. “It was somewhat heart breaking.”

Helping to heal their broken hearts, Butler County probate court judge Randy Rogers. He heard the Maines’ story and agreed to come to them at the Blood Cancer Center at the Jewish Hospital.

“To have it legal is so important to us as a family,” said Heather.

At Rob’s bedside, Judge Rogers made it official.

“I know why I’m here and you can see it, I know you can see it in their eyes and when you can see it in their eyes, especially the mom, it has its own reward,” said Judge Rogers.

“It was like a blessing,” said Rob. “I couldn’t believe that he took the time out of his life to come here and do this adoption.”

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