Uncovering speeding ticket hot spots: Where are you most likely to get stopped?

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Speeding tickets can start at $150 and go up from there, depending on your driving history. We uncovered the top speeding areas in Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Alabaster. Which city do you think has given out the most tickets?

Of the five cities we looked into, Hoover came in at number one for speeding tickets. They handed out over 2,000 tickets between January and August of this year. We looked into which areas were the most active for speeders in the Hoover area. Ross Bridge Parkway, Shades Crest Road, Patton Chapel Road and I-459 take the top spots.

Hoover Police have given out 30 tickets in school zone areas between January 1st and August 24th of this year. The 600 block of Shades Crest Road is the main pocket police monitor for speeding. Captain Rector with Hoover Police says the problem streets are somewhat open roads that are not congested. They tend to cause motorists to drive way too fast for the conditions. The highest speed they have seen recently on I-459 is 105 mph. Hoover police say they regularly clock vehicles in the mid 50’s, 25 mph over the speed limit on Shades Crest Road and Patton Chapel Road. Occasionally they have clocked 60+.

I-459 is a hot zone for not just Hoover, but also Birmingham and Vestavia Hills. One Vestavia Hills Police officer says they’ve clocked some motorists speed over 100 on I-459. Vestavia Hills Police are now able to detect drivers speed from 100 yards back due to new laser guns, that not only show your current speed, but also your speeding history.

“Speeding tickets can be expensive,” said Birmingham attorney Victor Revill. He helps drivers from having to pay those hefty fines. Just how expensive? They can start at $150 and then go up from there.

“Alabama is a speed state,” says Revill, “We get a steady amount of speeding citations a month — Anywhere from 8 to 15 traffic citations.”

The municipalities we spoke with said in no way are speeding tickets a money making machine. “We hear everything, well you got a quota. How many tickets do we write? Really, there is not set amount of tickets we have to write,” said Vestavia Hills Police.

There may not be a set amount, but Vestavia Hills said they can easily write around 15 to 20 tickets a day. The top spots they write them are Dolly Ridge Road and I-65. In addition to those areas, here’s a list of other streets they watch very closely:

  • Shades Crest Rd.
  • Altadena Rd.
  • Cahaba Heights Rd.
  • Green Valley Rd.
  • Cross Haven Dr.
  • Valley Park Dr.
  • Limerock Rd.
  • Hays Cir.
  • Badham Dr.
  • Acton Rd.
  • Garland Dr.
  • Vestavia Forest Pl.
  • Massey Rd.
  • Tyler Rd.
  • Mountain View Dr.
  • Eastwood Pl.
  • Sunset Dr.
  • Southwood Rd.

Tuscaloosa has seen a whopping 1,600 tickets between January and August. The main intersection of concern for them is Jack Warner Parkway and McFarland Boulevard. Police also watch Mimosa Park Road and around the 2600 block of Veteran’s Memorial Parkway. Tuscaloosa Police say people living in that area tend to complain about the drivers that speed through the neighborhood.

Falling behind Tuscaloosa is Alabaster. They have given out 297 tickets between January and August. We looked through all areas they have stopped drivers. Hillspun Road and US31 were the top two streets that police gave out the most tickets.

Birmingham keeps a close eye on Carlisle Road and Essex Road. These two roads have been a main spot for them in the past. The interstate system in Birmingham (I-65, I-59, 1-20 and I-459) is also a constant concern.

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