Jury unanimously finds Towles guilty of capital murder, recommends death penalty


ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE DEC. 4, 2015: The  jury unanimously recommends Towles be sentenced to death.

UPDATE DEC. 3, 2015: The jury unanimously found Kevin Andre Towles guilty of capital murder of 5-year-old Geontae Glass, who was found dead wrapped in a blanket in the trunk of a car in 2006.

The jury will continue deliberating on the sentencing of Towles on Friday.

UPDATE DEC. 2, 2015: Kevin Andre Towles, the man accused of beating a 5 year old boy to death in 2006, will have to wait at least one more night to learn his fate.

Wednesday evening, the jury went home for the night, after one hour of deliberation. The judge charged the jury and sent them to deliberate just before 4 pm. They do not have a verdict yet and will resume in the morning.

This is the second time Towles has waited for a jury to come back in this capital murder case. He was convicted in 2009 but the conviction was overturned because of inadmissible testimony and now his second trial is once again in the hands of the jury.

Towles is accused used of beating his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son Geontae Glass to death.

In this trial, the prosecution has argued he was punishing the child for a bad mark on a conduct report from school. The defense has argued that the boy’s mother was responsible for beating him until he died. Shalinda Glass has already pled guilty to Murder and is serving a life sentence.

ORIGINAL NOV. 24, 2015: For the second time, Kevin Andre Towles is on trial for his life. He’s accused of beating 5-year-old Geontae Glass to death.

Geontae was found in the trunk of his mother’s car in 2006. Her boyfriend, Towles, was convicted and sentenced to death row in 2009. That sentence was overturned, and his retrial continues in Etowah Couny.

The victim’s sister spoke in court Tuesday. Because this a retrial, this is the second time she has testified. She was only seven years old when her brother was found dead. Today she is 16 and she told the court about the day her little brother brought home a bad mark on his conduct report.

She said she never remembered Andre disciplining either one of them, but told the court after he brought home that report card: “I remember G and Andre going outside.”

She continued, “I heard Andre say that he had to pay for something.”

She said that Andre came back inside carrying Geontae and laid him down. The prosecutor asked, “did you ever talk to him after that?” She replied, “no ma’am.”

The prosecutor continued, “did you ever see him playing or moving around or anything like that?” She said, “no ma’am.”

The victim’s sister said she got ready for school the next morning and went out to the car. She said her brother was already in the backseat. She said he looked like he was sleeping and described him as being slanted over in his seat. She said they went to the gas station and her mother told her to go inside to buy snacks. When she came out, she said the car was gone.

The trial is taking a break for Thanksgiving. Testimony will resume Monday morning.

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