The Iron Bowl and sharks have something in common to one Auburn player

Auburn, AL (WIAT)-It’s Iron Bowl week which is recognized as one of the biggest rivalries in college football.

For Auburn offensive lineman Avery Young, it’s like getting the biggest catch. Not on the football field, but in the ocean.

“Really, not too many words to express how crazy it is other than it’s a great feeling, like hooking up to a shark,” said Young.

Young is a Florida native who became passionate about fishing at young age, but it wasn’t until he came to Auburn that he truly understood the meaning of this game.

“Sad to say, when I was in high school I didn’t know too much about the rivalry at all being down from Florida,” said Young. “I didn’t know it was that bad until I actually got here. So playing in it like I have, and seeing everything that has revolved around it, yeah it’s insane.”

Like Young, Auburn linebacker Kris Frost has been part of several Iron Bowl games and understands what this means for his team and the entire Auburn Family.

“Being part of four of them now, one when I was redshirted, and three others it’s a lot,” says Frost. “It means a whole lot to us. This last one I can only anticipate will only be just as great to be part of.”

Auburn and Alabama kickoff Saturday at 2:30pm C.T. on WIAT42.



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