First Light shelter outgrowing space, needs donations

First Light Shelter

(WIAT) — Since Tuesday was dubbed “Giving Tuesday,” WIAT 42 checked in with one of many organizations who are in desperate need of donations.

36 beds and one family room, that’s how many people First Light shelter was built to hold. Deborah Everson says the need has outgrown their space.

“On any given night, we are serving 70 women and children in this facility. The rest of those are sleeping on our floor in our day room. We call that overflow, that’s a pretty name for a mat and a pillow and clean linens,” Director of Volunteer Services for First Light Deborah Everson said.

The shelter is over capacity and has been for more than a year. That means the utility bills have gone up.

Plus, Everson says it costs money to make sure kids go to school with clean clothes or to buy bus passes for moms looking for work.

“Those kinds of things that we have to do, there’s not funding for that we have to pay for it,” Everson said.

As far as what kind of donations they need? Everson says absolutely anything.

“Twenty dollars helps a lot and laundry detergent helps a lot, because we don’t have to buy it, but that goes directly to the women,” Everson said.

For a list of what donations are needed and where you can drop them off, go to the First Light website HERE. 

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