Latest technology hack involves electronic toymaker VTech

(WIAT) — It’s been a year of hacks, from major retailers to Ashley Madison.

The latest hack impacts children. Thieves hacked a popular toymaker, exposing the personal information of millions.

Jayden McDonaldson may need a second to answer the question of what game is his favorite to play on his tablet, but his mother Sarah doesn’t hesitate as she’s informed about the latest hack in the cyber world.

Electronic toymaker VTech’s Learning Lodge app store was hacked last week, exposing the personal information of around 5 million customers including hundreds of thousands of children

“One thing they need to understand anything they’ve given VTech has been compromised,” said cyber security expert Troy Hunt.

Name, home address, age and even your child’s picture, according to Hunt.

“There’s certainly accountability on their behalf questions did they take significance matter from it being lost,” said Hunt.

So how can you protect yourself and your family in cyber space?

Ask about the website or apps security measures before registering your own information and maybe think twice about allowing your kids to play with internet-connected toys.

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