Stillman College facing budget problems, may cut football program

Stillman College football

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Budget problems could force Stillman College to cancel its football program.

Several players on the Stillman football team are hoping their program can be saved, but the fate of the program is now in the hands of the administration.

Football player Tyree Bell is upset.  With the future of the football program in question, it’s given him and other players a lot to think about.

“If they close the football program that is over 300 kids that have to go somewhere else and start all over. The entire football team, cheerleaders and the band. I just think it is not fair,” Bell said.

Stillman College President Dr. Peter Millet says many smaller schools like his are facing the same budget problems. Millet says he is trying to find ways to trim his budget.

“Here at Stillman, we are struggling with the same challenges of maintaining a high level of excellence with a limited budget.  We are looking at the entire enterprise, we are looking at athletics, academics, business practices, personnel, operations and strategic planning,” Millet said.

Football player Everett Curry is hoping the reason he came to Stillman College will not be cancelled.

“It will be very tragic and disappointing. I feel like we’ve done very decent in recent years, and I feel like it will be very disappointing,” Curry said.

President Millet and the board will meet Wednesday and a decision could be made by the end of the week.

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