Carjacking in Birmingham puts neighborhood on edge

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Birmingham Police are searching for two men that held a woman at gunpoint and took her car at a gas station off Bessemer Road. This comes off the heels of a few carjacking incidents we’ve seen in the area over just the last few weeks.

In this instance, three suspects pulled up to the Marathon gas station at 11 p.m. on December 6. They targeted a woman sitting in her Mustang. After a quick exchange, one suspect hopped in the passenger seat, pulled a gun on the driver and shoved her out of the car. The suspect managed to drive away, but not before smashing into the other getaway car carrying the two other suspects.

“At that moment I called the police and they showed up in two minutes,” said Yosef Alsabah.

Birmingham police said the female suspect turned herself in, but the two men are still at large.

“It’s been going on in Birmingham, Fairfield and Hoover. When there is a female in the car, they try to steal the car from them,” said Alsabah.

Alsabah owns the Marathon gas station. He recently installed door access buzzers as a result of this incident and others in the area.

“They robbed the other gas station down the street and the week before they robbed the cell phone store across the street, so we are watching our premises,” said Alsabah.

People who frequent the gas station were shocked to hear that three people were so bold in an area that is heavily trafficked by police.

“Usually there are police officers around here, at the store, in the store and periodically up and down the street so it’s a real shocker for me to hear that,” said Jesse Thomas.

Police are looking for a grey Mustang. If anyone has information on the car or the suspects, call the Birmingham Police Department at 254-7777.

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