Shoppers wrap up last-minute purchases before storms arrive

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Malls and roads are packed this week with shoppers getting those last minute gifts. The threat of storms and possibly tornadoes has some people changing their plans.

Shoppers aren’t taking any chances. They are very aware of the bad weather approaching. Severe storms just days from Christmas has people going over their travel plans — and — their emergency plans.

Just days before Christmas and shoppers are out in force. The weather, however, isn’t jolly and bright. Onteria Webb and her little girls feel rushed to get last minute deals.

“It’s feeling like Christmas has been pushed up a day,” Webb said. That’s because severe weather is forecast for Wednesday. Webb told me her daughters wanted to make sure the got more than just Christmas gifts.

“That was one of the thing that this little lady said when we first started out,” Webb lauged.

“She said that we’re going to need to go to the grocery store and we’re going to need to go and get some band aids and she was prepping the kit,” Webb continued.

Outdoor malls like The Summit mean shoppers are at the mercy of the weather. Management tells WIAT 42 News they have a plan in place for severe weather, but wouldn’t go into details.

Malls like the Riverchase Galleria are indoors and can protect shoppers from the elements.

“We always have a plan in place,” Angela Cleveland Jacks said.

“[The Galleria] was built to have areas that withstand tornadoes. We do have shelters that we can bring our shoppers to in case there’s an emergency,” she continued.

Weather emergencies are fresh on the mind of shopper Sarah Helus.

“We have already planned to not go to church tomorrow because the weather. We’re all going to be home tomorrow in our basement hoping that nothing gets too bad,” Helus said.

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