eCo Savings Race: Gaydosh family update

eco savings race

(WIAT) — Jacob and Molly Gaydosh have four very good reasons to plan for the future — their names are Maggie, Kenny, Clayton and Lucy.

Like most two-income households, the Gaydoshes have to balance their work schedules with time spent caring for their family. For Molly, that can get a little complicated.

Molly said, “I’m a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines.”

Her job takes her away from her family for extended periods of time, and that’s difficult for a mother of four small children.

Molly said, “It’s hard to leave a 3-month, 5-month-old ….you know, for three days …because I’m usually gone three days and three nights.”

Molly admits she’s also missing some important milestones. She said, “I’ve missed things too with each of them like learning to crawl…or you know,,,or when they start to pull up…or they say a word and I missed it…you know, that’s’s hard to be away.”

The solution, the couple says, would be to reduce the amount of time Molly works.

Molly said, “I’m working right now normally like…three three-day trips each month…and um…if we could cut that back to 2…it would be so much more doable…and even less than that would be great.”

Jacob said they’re working towards that goal.

He said, “We’re trying to make sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to do and putting the money where it’s supposed to be so we can eliminate some of this debt and we can have more financial freedom.”

Molly is looking forward to that financial freedom.

She said, “I’m just excited about getting in a better place financially so that …hopefully I don’t have to work quite as much and be gone quite as much.”

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