Family, police speak about Lake Cyrus murder victim

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HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — At an emergency homeowners meeting on Wednesday Lake Cyrus residents voiced their concerns about security to each other and Hoover Police.

Lake Cyrus resident Curt Guenther says the turnout of about 200 people was very encouraging to him. Guenther says the general consensus was that Lake Cyrus needed a neighborhood communication chain and a neighborhood watch program.

“When you try to look at something good that can come out of any tragedy, I think the one thing here is that this neighborhood has learned that they’ve got to come together. They’ve got to work with each other and that’s the only way that we can really be on top of protecting each other,” said Guenther.

Hoover Police are working closely with Bessemer PD, the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office and a number of other law enforcement agencies to track down the killer or killers.

“It was certainly a significant development for us to recover the vehicle that was used in this senseless crime. We were fortunate that we had some home surveillance video that provided a vehicle description and then within a few hours of that Bessemer PD actually recovered that vehicle and we were able to recover that vehicle with the surveillance so we know we are confident that we have recovered the vehicle that was used in the murder. So that’s another significant piece of evidence for us to look at. Of course we have several cars that were broken into. We’re going to be examining all of those cars very thoroughly and very meticulously so we’ve got a lot of physical evidence that’s going to take you know several days for us to go through and see what evidence might have potential value that might help us to crack the case,” said Capt. Gregg Rector.

The Ford F-250 which was abandoned in Bessemer had been stolen from the Inverness area of Tuscaloosa County in an area that had numerous vehicle break-ins prior to the Lake Cyrus break-ins and murder, according to police.  Capt. Rector says four younger male suspects were spotted leaving the scene.

“We know that they exited that vehicle and got into a dark colored Jeep Cherokee. That could be a, it is likely a key. That could belong to one of them, it could belong to relatives, it could be stolen also, but that’s something that we do want people to be on the lookout for. These individuals could have a relative, they could have a friend, family member, that could be driving that dark colored Jeep Cherokee in that particular area of Bessemer. We feel like there are people in that Bessemer area probably young men in that area that know about this crime. And we need them to come forward. We think we’ll eventually get information that’s going to point us toward the identity of those responsible for this,” said Rector.

Police say the 33-year-old victim, Mike Gilotti, was killed right in front of his house while he was leaving for an early morning workout on Tuesday.

The victim’s father in law, Guy Higgins, shared his perspective with WIAT 42 News.

“Mike was beloved by family and so many friends.  Tremendous husband and best friend to his wife Heather for 8 years.  Awesome dad to his 2 precious young sons.  Highly respected by his unit in Iraq as well as the awesome co-workers at State Farm where he was a valuable team manager. Many thanks to the many people who have expressed their shared grief over this tragic event.  God will somehow turn this evil act into a powerful means to strengthen the faith of countless others,” said Higgins.

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