One Class at a Time: Woodlawn High School

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The first week back to school after winter break was anything but ordinary for Ms. Chanel Douglas, a science teacher at Woodlawn High School.

Her ordinarily quiet morning with students received a burst of energy when Little Caesar, from Little Caesars Pizza, walked in. At first, both the students and Douglas did not know what to think, until she was handed a $1,000 One Class at a Time check.

Douglas said she will spend the money on an upcoming robotics competition.

“It’s a more intensive competition, and we are going to need more access to tools, and safety supplies, and programs,” Douglas said.

Last time her robotics team competed, a lot of learning time was wasted while the students tried to gather building and safety tools. She said this money will ensure efficiency.

Douglas said hands on programs, like robotics, are important for well-rounded learning.

“It actually gives them a real world application about what they’re learning. With this program, they get to work with mentors in the community, and basically see what school is all about. (It’s not) just the books, and having to take test, but how you can actually use the knowledge and apply it to something that is tangible. This is something you can actually put your hands on, and make a difference with,” said Douglas.

One Class at a Time is sponsored by Pepsi, Little Caesars Pizza and America’s First Financial. If you would like to apply for WIAT’s One Class at a Time program, click here.

Copyright 2016 WIAT 42 News

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