Shoplifting in Oxford declines after ‘shoplifting Saturday’ initiative

OXFORD, Ala. (WIAT) — As the owner of On Time Fashions in Oxford, Maher Dabit says shoplifting is something he has to deal with.

“We try to keep the prices at a point so when people start stealing it hurts the business a lot,” Maher Dabit said.

Dabit says his business is hurting a lot less these days.

“Well I think it’s getting better, it was a lot worse. Years ago when I was downtown I felt like it was weekly I was catching somebody,” Dabit said.

Oxford police investigator Jason Webb says the reason shoplifting is less of a problem now: Shoplifting Saturday. Every Saturday, Webb posts the mugshots of anyone arrested for shoplifting in Oxford that week.

“I think the first time we put them on there we had 17 or so it was a larger amount and it stayed at a large number for the first few times we did it,” Jason Webb with the Oxford Police Department said.

This past Saturday, there were only four people arrested and Webb says that’s more than usual.

“When you see blue lights you’re going to check up, you’re going to slow down. Well when you see someone’s name and picture on Facebook for shoplifting, you’re going to think maybe I shouldn’t do this and it might make you think twice,” Webb said.

Oxford police arrested two more people for shoplifting Thursday, their pictures will be posted to the Oxford Police Department Facebook page on Saturday.

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