Fans flying to Arizona for National Championship game


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — This weekend is going to be a busy travel weekend for anyone heading to the National Championship game in Glendale, Arizona. A lot of people got an early start Friday and were able to beat the rush.

All the people flying to Phoenix Friday morning got to stroll through security.

“I thought the airport would be slammed security-wise this morning,” Sandra Nesmith said.

Although the lines were no problem, the Hall family thought they were going to have a big problem in Houston.

“We were on the way this morning and my wife gets a text, your flights been delayed two hours,” Zan Hall said.

A two-hour delay would mean missing their connecting flight.

“Yeah all the scenarios are running through your head we just got to get there by Monday,” Hall said.

But they got on a new flight and are on their way. Flying out on a Friday gives everyone a lot of time to play in Phoenix before Alabama does.

“We’re going to do a jeep tour and if I can talk her into it we’re going to do a helicopter tour,” Jackie Nesmith said.

“We’ll have a couple of days to play to golf and look around and enjoy Phoenix and some restaurants and then we’ll be ready for the ball game,” Will Champion said.

The biggest perk may be missing the Saturday rush when more fans and several chartered flights take off.

“Saturday could get crazy here, we couldn’t get on a Saturday flight and that’s why we’re leaving today,” Champion said.

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