Shades Crest neighborhood on high alert after early morning manhunt

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — A neighborhood that’s always on high alert in part led to the capture of two suspects today.

While some neighborhoods pride themselves on being close-knit – Jason Vickers says that is not the case in his.

“We kind of like our privacy in this neighborhood,” Vickers explained.

Vickers said this mentality often leads neighbors in the Shades Crest area to question anything or anyone that seems out of the norm.

“One of my neighbors just called police on my housekeeper, just two weeks ago,” he said.

But early Friday morning – it wasn’t a housekeeper when someone called the cops—it was two suspects who are now charged with attempted murder, among other charges.

PHOTOS | Vestavia Hills manhunt

“A short chase ensued. They lost control of the vehicle and spun out…they turned and fired multiple shots at the officer,” Vestavia Hills Police Lt. Kevin York said,

This came as a total surprise to Vickers.

“You don’t see that type of thing happen a lot in our neighborhood,” he said.

However, it is a surprise for which he’s prepared.

“We’ve got video surveillance, home security, I’ve got a German shepherd, and we’re well trained in firearms and educated that way. So I feel ok,” he reflected.

Still, this is a wake up call that could encourage the neighbors of Shades Crest to be a little less private.

“Get to know your neighbors, become friends with your neighbors, first name basis, have their phone numbers. I think that’s a great idea,” Vickers said.

When it comes to crime in the suburbs – a question that’s come up a lot today: “is this related to the homicide in Hoover’s Lake Cyrus neighborhood?”

Police say they don’t know right now. Only time and a thorough investigation will tell.

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