Hundreds of Alabamians wait in line to buy Powerball tickets

georgia lotto powerball

(WIAT) — What would you do with $1.5 billion? That’s the question we asked a few of the hundreds of Alabamians crossing the Georgia lines to buy tickets for the biggest jackpot in Powerball history.

We heard answers varying from starting a business, to helping our charities and going to Disney World. Jaquita Oliver is from Alabama, but she says she couldn’t pass up a jackpot this big, so she stood in line for nearly an hour on Wednesday night to buy a ticket of her own.

“A little hour and 15 minute drive for a billion dollars, I think, was well worth the drive,” said Oliver.

Closer to the line, a Georgia lottery official stood at the machine at the state’s welcome center, helping the long lines of Alabamians who stopped in the lobby to purchase their own tickets.

Joel Butler drove from Anniston to buy his tickets. He said for him, the best part about playing the lottery is the escape it offers, the chance to dream about what he could do with that kind of money.

“Just actually thinking about it, wondering how awesome it would be just to see all the numbers perfectly on your ticket, you know, every single one,” said Butler.

The Powerball lottery is played in 44 states, but not in Alabama, where most forms of gambling are illegal. Craig Ford, a Democrat, has introduced a bill before the legislature, calling for a vote of the people to allow the lottery. He hopes legislators will take up the bill when they go into session in February.

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