Teen missing since December found safe, law enforcement works to tie up loose ends

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Investigators said 16-year-old Shaiyanne Underwood was located at a residence on the city’s west side, but they aren’t giving out too many details.

“At this time the only thing we do know is that she was at a home. Who’s home or what she was doing at that home is part of investigation,” said Sgt. Shelton.

“She was actually a runaway. We have runaways usually within reason they actually do come back, but we received certain evidence that we can’t reveal that she might be in some type of danger,” said Shelton. “We had to make sure we exhausted all of our efforts and all of our avenues of reporting getting the word out that she was missing.”

Shelton said someone who saw media coverage of the case tipped off police.

“It’s generally a little difficult to find somebody who does not want to be found. And then when you’re also dealing with a juvenile or someone who’s underage it gets a little heartbreaking to deal with that knowing that you don’t know exactly why someone might run away or what caused them to have the actions that they’re having,” said Shelton. “It’s all part of the investigation to get a total picture of what we’re dealing with.”

“Some of the loose ends are why? The big question’s why did she run away, is anything going on that we might need to know about. what was she doing while she was gone, things like that. So it’s going to take a few, a few weeks or so to really iron everything out and look into it and see what else we can find if anything,” said Shelton.

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