Vestavia residents remain uneasy in light of recent crime

VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — The past few weeks in Vestavia Hills have been eventful for their police department. Car break-ins, a manhunt and, even next door in Hoover, a man was shot to death on his way to the gym after confronting robbers.

Vestavia Hills resident Danny Barrett has lived in his home on Shallowford Circle for at least five years. He said his and his wife’s car was broken into twice around Christmas. He also noted that his neighbor’s car was also broken into, adding to the palpable anxiety the community has.

“I’m one of the few that have security systems out here and cameras where I can see what’s going on,” Barrett said. “Why they are doing this, because they can, and it seems like nobody is really trying to do anything about it.”

Barrett expressed he would like to see law enforcement do more in his neighbor and not be afraid to do their jobs.

“It’s not that Vestavia Hills is not doing their job, we have a very safe community, but that is changing because some of them are afraid to do their jobs,” Barrett said.

“In this department our guys do their job,” said Lt. Kevin York of the Vestavia Hills Police department who responded to Barrett by squashing the notion that his officers were afraid to do their jobs. He noted that the recent manhunt they were involved with was taken care of because an officer checked into a suspicious call.

“He was answering the call on a suspicious vehicle, saw the suspicious vehicle, pursued it and got into the situation he did, but he did that for wanting to do his job,” said Lt. York.

Meanwhile, Barrett showed off his massive security efforts he has surrounding his home as a way to protect his home. He has several security cameras in front and around his home, what he also has in case burglars try to come through his back yard, are make shift boobie traps to alert him if an intruder is present.

“Be a little more alert in the community instead of sitting on the side of the road, trying to catch speeders, people running red lights,” Barrett pleaded to Vestavia Police.

Lt. York said if Mr. Barrett or anyone in Vestavia wants a directed patrol, all they have to do is give them a call. Danny Barrett did tell WIAT42 they’re looking to form a neighborhood watch for his street.

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