Coast Guard aircraft in search of missing Marines struck by laser off Hawaii coast

More challenges in the search of 12 missing Marines Saturday as the Coast Guard reports one of its own rescue aircraft was struck by a laser pointer.

The Coast Guard says the green laser came from Haleiwa Beach Park on Saturday evening.

The involved C-130 aircraft was part of the search for 12 missing U.S. Marines that were on board two helicopters that went down late Thursday night during a training exercise.

A spokesperson for the Coast Guard says it is incredibly dangerous to point lasers toward aircraft at night.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that lasers can injure our crews and at night time mission laser beams can cause temporary loss of night vision, glaring and flash blindness which puts the lives of our crew members in jeopardy,” said Chief Petty Officer Sara Mooref.

The crew was not injured, but did have to alter their search pattern to avoid being hit by the laser again.

Anyone who sees someone pointing a laser at any aircraft is asked to call police.

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