Volunteers give time to Norwood Community Garden in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — More than 60 volunteers honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy Monday morning by working in the Norwood Learning Garden. Some volunteers were Norwood residents, others were with AmeriCops, Altec and REV Birmingham.

“I was super, super thrilled to see the turnout today,” said event coordinator, Tori McDonald.

Volunteers like Majadi Baruti and Sarah Bettinger worked on preparing gardening beds for spring by planting, mulching, and building compost bins and fences, as well as general garden maintenance.

“We want people to come together and do something great for this neighborhood, and we feel like that’s what this is,” said garden manager Sarah Bettinger.

The lot was abandoned and overgrown for years until 2013, when the area was re-purposed as a sustainable way the community can have easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Baruti said that volunteering on MLK Day is a way to honor the civil rights leader’s legacy.

“One of the last things he spoke of, which goes beyond the ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, was dealing with economic justice. That’s the idea of communities controlling their own funding and their own resources. That is something we really need in Birmingham Alabama, really bad,” said Baruti.

The Norwood Learning Garden is an outreach of the Norwood Resource Center. To learn more about the center’s efforts, click here.

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