Educators discuss proposed tenure legislation

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — When it comes to teacher pay raises and tenure, many have different opinions. We spoke with several educators who talked about this proposed legislation

Dr. Tommy Bice was in Tuscaloosa talking about education concerns at the Bryant Conference Center. The state education superintendent and hundreds of teachers are keeping a close eye on the proposed teacher tenure legislation.

“There’s so much more to a child to than an assessment score, and to attach an assessment score to anything especially a teacher’s salary I don’t think that even makes sense,” Tuscaloosa teacher Angie Morrison said.

If passed, the bill would not offer the tenure option to future teachers. Educators already in the system could stay in, but new teachers would work under contracts with new evaluation standards. Those would be based on student scores and standardized testing.

“The tenure law gives you the right to the due process, but the tenure that teachers used to have that says nobody can get rid of me, I disagree with that,” school principal Ibrahim Lee said. “I think it should be based upon performance.”

Part of the legislation could also mean a pay raise for teachers.

“The State Board of Education has been very vocal and very clear that they would like to see and have made a recommendation to the Governor and the Legislature to give a 5 percent raise to our education employees,” Bice said.

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