Local company takes responsibility for Homewood blue water

HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — A local company has come forward, saying it is responsible for a mysterious blue substance that turned up in a ditch in Homewood.

The name Curb Appeal makes sense when your business model is making yards beautiful.

“We love the environment, we make a living off making the environment better than when we found it. The last thing we want to do is intentionally hurt anything,” Vice President of Operation for Curb Appeal, Craig Smith said.

Craig Smith says a week ago, they unintentionally spilled some blue dye.

“Basically what it does is it allows the spray technician to see what he’s already sprayed so he doesn’t go back and double spray it’s; basically food coloring,” Smith said.

The liquid leaked out in an outdoor area that used to be a loading dock, but it’s now filled with gravel.

“Seven feet of gravel down there’s a storm drain my guys weren’t aware of. The tank cracked and leaked out of the bed of the trunk and when the rain came it washed its way down,” Smith said.

We now know that blue liquid went through the storm drain and came out in a ditch on West Oxmoor.

Smith says they would have never known if it wasn’t for pictures posted online.

“The things on social media were, ‘please find out who they were so we can no longer support their business,’ ‘Don’t give up till you find the culprit. Somebody has to pay.’ We’d already reported it we just didn’t know where else to go,” Smith said.

Cahaba Riverkeeper David Butler was investigating the spill, trying to find the source. Smith says he made it easy, picked up the phone, and took the blame. It’s something David Butler says almost never happens.

“Normally people are a little apprehensive about what we do and they think we are out to vilify them and make them the enemy,” Cahaba Riverkeeper David Butler said.

“We thought it was just respectful to let them know what it was, that we were responsible for it and together moving forward let’s clean it up and make sure it doesn’t happen again,” Smith said.

Smith and Butler say their two organizations are working together to find a project. Smith says they are considering a “Curb Appeal Cleanup project” or restocking the crawfish population that died after the spill.

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