Super Bowl 50 will be missing its Starr

Green Bay Packers quarterback Bart Starr passes in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants in New York, October 22, 1967. (AP Photo)

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Super Bowl weekend will have stars on the field and stars in the stands…but one star will be missing: Bart Starr.

When all the Super Bowl MVP’s are recognized on the field during the pregame Sunday, Bart will be shown on video from his home.

But one thing I’ve learned, the NFL family is never far away from Starr’s heart.

There was a time, before Cam Newton was superman…that the NFL was protected by the first superman.

That man is Bart Starr.

Super indeed. Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. The MVP of Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II.

“That was quite a run,” Bart reminisced.

He sat in is Hoover home, laughing with his always smiling wife Cherry.

Time yellows the pages of all our lives, time, and football has taken a toll on my superman too.

“I’ve seen him go down on the field injured, but most of the time, it was just really exciting, but you just sitting there anxious, worried that they are going to be hurt,” Cherry remembered.

Mortals are fragile. We breakdown. Bart Starr’s body may be in a 4th in long situation but his legacy is not; it is wrapped in Super Bowl gold.

Flashback to Thanksgiving night. Bart Starr returned to Green Bay to honor Brett Favre. Starr’s jersey was retired in 1973. On this cold night in 2015, Favre was getting the same honor, but not without Bart.

There’s genuine love between the Farve family and the Starr family.

“Absolutely,” Bart and Cherry said together.

She explained, “That’s right. Brett and Bart have always had the most special relationship. When Brett was inducted into the Hall of Fame, he stated he would not have his jersey retired unless Bart could on the field with him. At that time, Bart was unable to go on the field for a long time. So Brett postponed it for almost a year.”

Bart described the feeling of hearing the Green Bay fans cheering for him when he came out on the field that night succinctly as, “unbelievable.”

The NFL will crown its 50th Super Bowl champion and MVP this weekend, but one of the biggest awards will be handed out before the game: the Bart Starr character and leadership award.

Fitting for the MVP of the first two super bowls, and fitting for a most valuable person.

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