Community reacts to Trussville murder-suicide

TRUSSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — A three year-old child is without a mother or father after a murder-suicide in Trussville early Wednesday morning.

Police responded to a call of accident with injuries at 2:15 am, but when they arrived they found the bodies of 26 year-old Brittaney Owens and 29 year-old Troy Green.

Capt. Jeff Bridges tells CBS42 that Owens appeared to be heading home when Green bumped her car and blocked her path on North Lake Drive. They believe Green got out of his car and came to the passenger window of Owens’ car and fired two shots through the glass, hitting her in the chest. He then turned the gun on himself.

Police do not know at this time if Green and Owens had any contact earlier in the evening. They were not currently in a relationship.

“I personally don’t understand it,” said Bridges. “This is certainly not the answer for either one. The child will grow up without a mother or a father. It’s a shame. It’s tragic for everyone involved, but I don’t really have an answer. Unfortunately this stuff happens way too much.”

Bridges confirmed Green had been arrested for domestic violence in April of 2014. The case had not been settled in court. Owens’ family members also told detectives that Green had put a GPS tracking device on her car in the past. Investigators say they did not locate any such device after Wednesday’s shootings.

“A friend and a relative came over and knocked on the door and wanted to know if it would be alright if they parked on this side of the road, and I said absolutely,” said Bert Hays, a neighbor who lives close to Owens’ family. “He explained to us exactly had happened.”

Hays says that Owens’ lived with her mother and father in that home. The driveway and road was crowded with vehicles throughout the day, Wednesday. While Owens’ parents kept to themselves, Hays says that they have been great neighbors. He speaks with her father whenever the two are out in the yard. “He never passed [on the road] that he didn’t wave or blow the horn, and if he was up on the road blowing leaves, he would always stop, get out, and come talk when we were in the yard.” Hays says Brittaney was the same: always waving and friendly.

“Just probably the worst thing that I know of that’s ever happened in this neighborhood, ” said Hays. “Anything that happens like that is tragic. It’s very tragic.”

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