Woman grazed in head by bullet in East Lake; suspect armed and dangerous

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Police are searching for an armed suspect who they say fired a shot that grazed a woman in the head.

The shooting happened in the 8200 block of Rugby Ave.

CBS42 took photos and video inside the house where the shooting occurred. Five people were in the home and tell us that the shooter busted through the front door and made a bee line for the victim.

“He came to kill her,” said one man who was in the house when the shooting happened. “I think that it was by the grace of God that he didn’t kill her. I really do because he shot, then I stepped out because he had the gun on me at first and when he moved towards her, I was able to step out real quick and go…call 911 and they responded quickly. Sometimes when you call, they don’t come.”

Police say the black male suspect at is armed and dangerous. They believe he is driving a blue Toyota corolla.

The victim’s injuries are not life threatening, according to police.

She is currently being treated at UAB Hospital.

Residents say shootings and gun toting are common in the area. People on Rugby Avenue are begging the city to bring more of a police presence to the neighborhood.

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