UA stakeholders weigh in on guns on campus controversy

Source: Wikimedia

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — The University of Texas will allow handguns in classrooms. 

The University of Texas at Austin President Greg Fenves has released his decision regarding the controversial campus carry law, which would allow handguns in classrooms. After reviewing the task force recommendations, Fenves says he will allow handguns in classrooms.

Some students at the University of Alabama like senior Dalton Dismukes are weighing in on the controversial topic. Dismukes says he thinks students should have the right to carry guns on campus. The UA student is also a member of BamaCarry, a guns rights advocacy group.

“”I support it and I think it is a good thing to be able to carry guns on campus, this needs to happen here in Alabama. We have a smaller state and we have a great University here at UA and we need the right to protect ourselves as students,” Dismukes said.

Adam Lankford disagrees and opposes the decision made in Texas. Lankford is a UA Professor who teaches at the Department of Criminal Justice.

“I think this is bad thing and I am against it. Now we’re saying its okay for students in Texas to carry guns and I think it would be a terrible precedent for any other state including Alabama to follow,” Lankford said.

At the University of Texas, guns will be allowed at: University apartments, common areas of dorms (lounges, dining areas and study areas). Handguns will also be permitted in classrooms and assigned private offices at the discretion of the staff member.

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