Clouds to Start the Weekend..Rain Coming Later

Temperatures topped out this afternoon in the upper 60s, with a few spots getting into the low 70s. These are temperatures that are 10-15 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. We’ll see the clouds stick around through the evening, and we’ll see lows only drop to the mid and upper 50s by Sunday morning.

Sunday we start a very active pattern in the Deep South and Central Alabama. A frontal system will approach on Sunday, bringing with it chances for rain. I think we could see a few stray showers Sunday morning, but the real rain chances arrive late on Sunday as the frontal system moves through. Not everyone will get rain, and if you don’t it will still be a cloudy, dreary day.

Monday-Wednesday, the rain continues. The front stalls out near us on Monday and Tuesday, so rain is likely on these days. As we head into Wednesday, there is some disagreement in our computer models into what the timing of rain will be, but we’re fairly sure an upper low will move into the south and bringing us even more rain. Right now, the rain amounts during this rainy stretch will be mostly 1-2″, which wouldn’t result in any flooding, but some spots could pick up a little bit more. We’ll keep you posted if any flooding threat pops up.

There is a light at the end of this very rainy the end of the work week, we get brighter and cooler!

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