ēCo Savings Race: Gaydosh family update

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s edition of the eCo savings race, the Gaydosh family shows us that making memories doesn’t always have to come with a higher price tag.

“We’ve just been trying to think of different creative ways we can save just a little bit of money here and there,” Molly said.

With four children in the house, Jacob and Molly have learned that birthdays can get expensive. So one way they decided to save some money was on the birthday parties.

“We’ve spent a lot of money on birthday parties in the past,” Molly said. “And one way we decided to save this year is with Maggie’s birthday party.”

Maggie is the oldest of the Gaydosh children and this year she turned seven.

“This year we had it at home. We did a little tea party. So we just had snacks…and so that was cheaper,” Molly said.

“This year with the party, we spent a lot less money on it. Did it in home,” Jacob said. “As opposed to in the past [where we went] and spent quite a bit of money at a farm with horses…and that kind of stuff.”

“For the actual tea party we just, we did it real simple,” Molly said. “I borrowed several things from my mom and my sister for decorations…and you know, we just had a few flowers and it was real simple.”

Molly says that doing the party themselves actually made for some special family moments.

“Maggie and I made the invitations for her party….and uh,..so that saved us a little bit of money…um…and it was also fun since she and I did it together,” Molly said.

Jacob even played a part in the tea party fun.

“I was the butler for the tea party and introduced the girls as they walked into the room,” Jacob said.

A birthday celebration with lots of memories and fewer expenses.

“I think I spent less than $100 on this party so…it was good,” Molly said.

A birthday party to remember all while sticking to a budget. The Gaydoshes prove that it can be done. Follow all the teams and vote for your favorite here.

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