Ohio man pleads guilty to kidnapping son from Alabama in ’02

CLEVELAND (AP) — A man who took his 5-year-old son from his mother’s home in Alabama in 2002 and lived with him in Ohio under new identities has pleaded guilty to kidnapping and other charges.

Fifty-three-year-old Bobby Hernandez also pleaded guilty to interference with custody and tampering with records in Cuyahoga County on Monday. His now-18-year-old son didn’t attend the hearing.

Hernandez’s attorney says he will ask the judge to give Hernandez probation at his April 13 sentencing. The county prosecutor says Hernandez’s actions were “cruel” and he’ll recommend a lengthy sentence.

Hernandez is accused of taking the boy from his mother’s home in the Birmingham area and building a life with him in Cleveland. The ruse fell apart last fall after discrepancies were discovered when the boy began applying for college.

Charges in Jefferson County related to Hernandez taking his son from his mother are still pending, Vestavia Hills Chief of Police Dan Rary says.

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