Rowing growing to be new workout trend

(WIAT) — Rowing is being called the next big thing in fitness.

Experts say it gives a high cardio low impact workout, which has many people getting on board.

Rowing has become an essential part of workout routine for many people.

The intense high-cardio workout uses 85 percent of a person’s muscles, but is still easy on the body.

Ben Hagen is a rowing regular, and he is not alone. Some instructors say they sometimes have to turn students away.

“It’s a total body workout that is low on impact,” said Annie Mulgrew, instructor at City Row. “Meaning you’re not going to put a lot of strain on your joints, you’re not jumping around.”

“I love the competitiveness in a classroom setting,” said Hagen. “It’s not necessarily competition with others in class but with yourself.”

Health experts say a rowing workout also strengthens the upper back, counteracting all that time spent hunched over computer screens.

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