EXCLUSIVE: Family of Huffman High School shooting suspect speaks

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The student at the center of the explosive fight is speaking out about what was happening inside Huffman High School before an active shooter situation. The student is a freshman at Huffman High School.

He says the fight was unprovoked and involved several other students. His mother says she’s sorry her older son opened fire with a gun on school grounds during a lockdown. But she adds she understands, because her son heard a group of teens was beating up his younger brother.

“The first dude walked up on me and then when I got on the ground, another dude jumped on me and then I saw people stomping me, I didn’t know who it was,” student Quintez Williams said.

Williams describes the encounter in which he says at least five students beat him in the 12th grade hall of Huffman High.

“My child could have gotten hurt, seriously hurt, he did get hurt but it could have been worse,” Quintez’ mother Shajuana Williams said.

The situation did turn for the worse after word about the alleged beat down spread to Facebook. Quintez says a family friend called his 19-year-old brother who showed up to school grounds with a gun. Police investigators say his brother opened fire outside the school, hitting a student in the hand.

We learned late today in a statement Birmingham schools released the school resource officer returned fire and apprehended the 19 year old. The school system praised the fast action of staff. But Quintez’ mother blames the schools for not acting quickly enough to deescalate the problem.

“They didn’t do their job properly because if they would have gave me my son when I first asked for my son before they locked the school down my other son wouldn’t got into this trouble,” Shajuana said.

“They had me in the office, the school was on lockdown they wouldn’t let me call my momma or nothing,” Quintez recalled.

Quintez’s mother says she’s not sending her son back to Huffman.

Birmingham school spokeswoman Chanda Temple says added security will remain at Huffman High through the end of the week. Temple won’t comment about claims made by Quintez or his mother because the incident still under investigation.

Police have charged 19-year-old Quandarious Williams with attempted murder.

Williams is being held in the Jefferson County Jail on $100,000 bond.

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