Lake Cyrus community remembers lessons of slain war veteran Mike Gilotti

Source: Facebook

HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — Many of Mike Gilotti’s neighbors spoke to CBS 42 News on Friday. The people that lived around Gilotti mostly said that this case reminds them to stay alert at all times.

An American flag still hung outside of the Iraq War veteran’s home on Friday. On that day, neighbors heard the news of the latest arrests.

“I think it is good they have been caught and apprehend now it’s time for the judicial process to do its course,” said resident Greg Stroud.

Hoover police said it was a lot hard work from different agencies to come together in this case.

“There have been three counties that have helped on this case so the help and assistance we got from was incredible,” said Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector. “We wouldn’t be where are without Bessemer Police.”

Since the shooting, Hoover Police have teamed up with the Lake Cyrus neighborhood. They now have a neighborhood watch.

Stroud said they continue to be on guard.

“A big shock that this could happen, and we are trying to be good neighbors watching out for each other,” said Stroud.

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