More bugs possible for this spring season

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The bug population is already up for the start of spring. We’re already seeing more ticks.

Due to this past winter being so mild, and now the mild start to spring, the bug population is up.

Watch your pets because ticks have been the main issue.

Even though it’s early for them now, watch out for an early appearance of yellow jackets.

Guy George, the owner of Premier Pest Control, told 22News, “New calls coming in the door for bugs in general are 46 percent ahead of last year, so if that’s any indication of how the season will progress, it’s the busiest spring so far in quite a number of years.”

Expect this spring season to be “buggier” than last. The lack of snowfall in western Massachusetts allowed the bugs to stick around longer than usual.

Wearing light clothing can help to find the ticks on your clothes faster than dark colors.

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