Helena homeowners discuss safety concerns


HELENA, Ala. (WIAT)-Residents of a Helena neighborhood held a meeting Sunday night to discuss crime concerns and how they can make their subdivision safer.

It was standing room only.  The Timberlake Homeowners Association met with fifty Residents to discuss the possibility of starting a neighborhood watch group.


Adrienne Armstrong wants to keep criminals away from her family.  She and her husband have two children and live in the Timberlake Subdivision.  They support neighborhood watch.

“I think it is very valuable, people watching out for each other and neighborhood watch is what we need” Armstrong said.


The Armstrong family and other homeowners are concerned after Police officers arrested two Burglary suspects Friday who were kicking in doors on homes to steal lawn equipment.  Authorities from several departments searched the neighborhood using Police dogs.


Sunday night after a discussion on the matter, Homeowners Association President Maria Hopkins tells CBS 42 the community will implement a Neighborhood Watch group.


“As neighbors that is what we should be doing for each other anyway but this is just another extra level of precaution.  We really don’t have problems in Timberlake. It is a quiet and beautiful neighborhood but whatever we can do to keep it that way is what we’re doing” Hopkins said.


Homeowner Adrienne Armstrong are glad her community decided to implement the watch group.


“We understand that break ins happen, but it is un-nerving knowing that it is close to your home. But you want your family to be safe.  We feel pretty safe knowing that people are watching out and the Police are responding and neighbors are watching out for one another” Armstrong said.


The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is still looking for a third suspect involved in the Neighborhood burglary case.

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