Judge dismisses gun companies’ motion to dismiss in Sandy Hook case

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — A Connecticut judge has ruled in favor of the Sandy Hook families in their efforts to hold the gun companies responsible in the December 2012 massacre in which 20 children and 6 educators were killed.

Judge Barbara Bellis has denied the gun companies motion to dismiss the case, allowing litigation to continue.

In a statement, Josh Koskoff, the attorney representing the Sandy Hook families said, “We are thrilled that the gun companies’ motion to dismiss was denied. The families look forward to continuing their fight in court.”

To read the judge’s ruling, click here.

Governor Dannel Malloy applauded the decision saying: These families deserve this the ruling is the right one. The gun industry should not have protections that no other industry in America sees. This is a victory for the families and a victory for those who stand for commonsense gun laws.”

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League sent this statement to NEWS 8. Scott Wilson Sr., President of CCDL, Inc. said, “While CCDL is not a party to this legal particular action, being advocates for gun owners and the 2nd Amendment,
we feel that the decision to not dismiss this case is a clear disregard for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms act. This leaves a door open for future claims against any other type of legally manufactured firearm thus compromising the intent and protection of the 2nd Amendment now that this lawsuit can go forward.

Camfour, incorporated said it has no comment on today’s decision. Both sides are due back in court next week.

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