One Team at a Time: Shelby County Wildcats

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — This week’s One Team at a Time features a high school softball team.

Replacing a legendary coach is never an easy task, but it’s harder for Shelby County softball coach Brooklyn Philips: the coach she had to replace was her dad.

“Well he is still here, so we are coaching together. So it’s been actually pretty exciting I played under him and to be able to coach with him has been a blessing so it’s a great experience,” Phillips

But this is Brooklyn’s team now.

“He coaches them but I pretty much run the show,” she said.

The Wildcats have made it to the state tournament the last two seasons.

And they’re poised to make it back to state, but if they want to bring home the championship, the Wildcats could use some new equipment. That’s where Hibbett Sports and One Team at a Time came in.

Hibbett Sports and CBS42 partnered to bring the Wildcats $1,000 worth of new equipment. There was a catch–the Wildcat’s best pitcher was put to the test to strike out CBS42’s Chris Renklel–and strike him out, she did!

The new equipment was clearly enough to strike out an amateur like Renkel, but it goes even further for the Wildcats.

CLICK HERE to nominate a team, and maybe they’ll be next week’s One Team at a Time.

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