Record stores sell out of Prince albums after news of his death

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Local Prince fans are paying tribute to the late singer after news of death first broke Thursday afternoon. Many fans rushed to the record stores for his music… and some radio stations even playing his hit songs in remembrance of the late singer.

At Omega Music, within just a matter of a few hours they sold out of every Prince CD and Vinyl record in stock at the time. Many fans say they’ll remember him as a one-of-a-kind musical legend.

He’s credited for selling more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best selling artists of all time adding one more record to that list Thursday is fan Terrence Claytor.

“They just had a news flash that he passed away and I said oh my goodness that’s the last of the old-school icons really in a way and I collect a lot of rhythm and blues albums,” Claytor said. “I thought I’d come down and see if I can get the last one that he made.”

Claytor says he remembers seeing the singer multiple times live in concert.

“He’s got a real good show real good entertainer,” Claytor said. “He just brings down the house.”

Omega Music co-owner Alex Staiger says since news first broke of Prince’s death… fans were calling non-stop wanting to get their hands on his music.

“We’ve already sold almost all of our Prince,” Staiger said. “We got another re-stock coming in a couple of days now so it’s been kind of wild from what I’ve heard people have just been calling all day about it.”

Mix 107.7’s Jeff Stevens says local fans are heart-broken from the news.

“Our listeners are hurting by this,” Stevens said. “This is a painful loss. This is somebody that they maybe didn’t get to see in concert or his music is the sound track of their life. And he’s not here with us anymore and people are mourning this loss.”

A loss, Stevens says many fans felt came too soon.

“It seems incredible sudden and and incredible tragic to loss him so young.”

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