Fact Check: Will you see a ‘pink moon’ or a ‘green moon?’

Don’t fall for the hype on social media! The “Pink Moon” will not be pink and the “Green Moon” is a hoax!

Each full moon has nicknames from folklore often based on lifestyles of people in the past. Moon nicknames are given by different cultures, and sometimes religions, but don’t expect the moon to take the color of the nickname. For example, a “blue moon” is not blue, and a “pink moon” is not pink. You probably can guess that a “hunter’s moon” does not look like a hunter either!

Here’s a list of just some of the common moon nicknames from Earthsky.

It is possible for the moon to be tinted by dust, ash, soot and other particles in the atmosphere, especially when it is low in the sky. Just like the sun, the moon is more likely to take on a red or orange tint when it is low, and the sun is near the horizon at the same time.

So what about a “Green Moon”? That is simply a social media hoax. The moon will not look green. Here’s the history of that urban legend from Snopes.

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