Local Prince fan relives the artist’s last concert

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — As the world remembers pop legend Prince, a local fan relived his last concert in Atlanta at the Fox Theater.

“I got a text message first, it showed up on my computer and I whispered, oh…my…God,” said Satina Richard when she learned the news of Prince’s death.

That was the reaction the world made when news broke that musical legend Prince had passed away.

“We all knew that he had been sick before and that he rarely cancels a concert, but in the show he mentioned that he had been sick, but that he was here now and we had a good time rocking out, it wasn’t crazy and people simply came and enjoyed the music,” recalled Richardson.

Prince on Stage 2

His contributions to music and society will no doubt be measured as great, but for a select few fans like Richardson who went to his concert in Atlanta just two weeks ago, she may have the best treat of all.

“It was really exciting because you walked into the concert hall at Fox Theater in Atlanta, you have all kinds of people there together for that one thing,” she said.

Prince Ticket Prince Fist

“It was just him as a pure artist, it was just a piano, no instruments it was just him singing.”

Against concert policy, one of Prince’s biggest fans recorded a snippet of him singing Purple Rain at his last performance.

“It was scary to sneak photos from the show because he does have a reputation for being strict about such things, but I managed to get about six or seven images, which my favorite ones are after the concert was over I went to the foot of the stage and took close up pictures of his piano,” Richardson said.

Prince T Shirt Prince Fan

“From far off I didn’t know it, but it was a purple grand piano that he played on that night so I have silly selfies of myself standing in front of the piano, which seemed silly at the time, but now I’m glad I have those photos.”

Satina even bought a t-shirt from the concert and on the day Prince passed away, she went to Amazon and bought seven of his albums to solidify her collection for her favorite artist.

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