Bentley visits City of Haleyville for city hall grand opening

HALEYVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Governor Robert Bentley paid the city of Haleyville a visit Monday afternoon in Winston County.  Bentley was there for a grand opening ceremony for the new City Hall.

Bentley discussed several items but spoke in length about tornadoes and the importance of protecting residents during severe weather.

“I am convinced that the only things that will save lives in a tornado is a safe room.  Sirens can’t save them so you’ve got to get in a safe place.  and so safe rooms are very important and I am so glad that you have one here in this facility,” Bentley said.

After making brief remarks Bentley toured the new building. The facility will house city offices, a courtroom, the city council chambers and the police department. The governor also talked about improving the Winston County economy.

“So we’ve got many thing going on here in Winston County, but we need more industry obviously.  And I hope your economic development team here is showcasing this part of the state”.

The governor applauded Haleyville and their community safe room. The structure is in the basement at the new building and can hold as many as 400 people during severe weather. Bentley says the state has approved 4,200 safe rooms and built 3,000 statewide since April 27, 2011.

The State of Alabama has invested $ 59 million dollars for safe rooms in Alabama since the deadly tornado outbreak.

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