Will Gov. Bentley show up to State Auditor’s public hearing?

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) – On Monday, we learn if Governor Bentley will honor the request of State Auditor Jim Zeigler. Zeigler planned a public hearing and requested the governor to hand over flight, telephone, and expense records related to former political advisor Rebekah Mason.

Governor Bentley says he’s not going to appear today. He believes he doesn’t have to answer Zeigler’s questions because he’s cooperating with the ethics investigation. Zeigler, though, says he has the authority to order the governor to appear before him. The State Auditor wants to know if the documents could point towards a misuse of state funds in regards to a rumored affair with Mason.

Governor Bentley maintains he has done nothing illegal, and never had a physical relationship with Mason. He says he is cooperating with the state ethics commission, so a meeting with Zeigler isn’t necessary. Even so, Zeigler says he’ll be at today’s hearing, with or without the governor, “I will be there Monday morning with the questions ready to go in case he changes his mind or that it’s a bait and switch to try to catch me unprepared if he were to show up.”

He says he’s identified 11 different categories where he believes the governor might be misusing state money. He says he’ll make an announcement today on what will happen if Bentley is a no-show.


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