Kids teach kids in Cross-Age program

ENOLA, Pa. (WHTM) – Every spring at East Pennsboro Middle School, high school students take over the sixth-grade classrooms.

Kids teaching kids about the dangers of drug use and abuse.

“The Cross-Age program is a group of high school students who go into sixth-grade classrooms and teach the sixth graders about drugs and alcohol and ways to say no,” said Katelyn Morris, a senior at East Pennsboro High School.

Student teachers use props and play games to keep the sixth graders interested.

“We focus on sixth-grade students because studies show that sixth grade is the time when students really form opinions on drugs and alcohol and how they want to live their lives and act the rest of their lives,” said Morris.

Morris said the program worked for her.

“Helped me understand that not everyone is doing drugs and that it’s okay to say no to situations you’re not comfortable with,” said Morris.

With heroin and prescription drugs so easy to obtain nowadays high school principal, Craig Robbins, said prevention is the key.

“You have to hit kids when they’re young before they start getting these brain patterns going that they want to do these things that they shouldn’t do,” said Robbins.  “That’s exactly why we’re proud of our students that they’re willing to take on that mission and come up here and prevent whatever they can prevent.”

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