Man accused of shooting three, injuring others in Maryland is in jail

BETHESDA, Md (CBS News) — The federal security officer accused of shooting three people and injuring at least three others is in jail.

62 year old Eulalido Tordil is a former federal protective officer, who last worked with the organization in March.

The shootings took place at three separate sites across the Washington, D.C.-Maryland suburbs, all during the course of 24 hours.

The first shooting happened Thursday after he allegedly shot his estranged wife outside a high school. He also shot another man outside the school.

Tordil then moved to the Montgomery Mall on Friday, where police found one person dead and two others injured.

A half hour later, police got reports of a woman shot and killed in her car at a local grocery store.

Police say they wish they could have done something before the shootings. “It’s tragic we weren’t able to intervene before more individuals harmed,” said Chief Hank Stawinski of Prince George’s County Police Department.

Officials found Tordil in a shopping center parking lot, near where one of the shootings happened.

Tordil, so far, has been charged with first degree murder for shooting his estranged wife.

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