Tracking a Predator: Dwayne Collins

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE: Dwayne Collins turned himself in to the Jefferson County Sex Offender Unity after he saw his profile featured on CBS 42’s Tracking a Predator.

ORIGINAL STORY: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Deputies are working to track down sex offenders who fail to register their address.

Dwayne Collins, 49, was convicted of rape in Kentucky back in 2003. For more than five years Collins was registered as living in Jefferson County. In March, he announced that he was moving into a local hotel but never showed up.

Police are looking for reasons why Collins would disappear.

“This is kind of odd that Collins obeyed the law for five years, and then he goes off and does what the rest of the guys we profile every week do,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale. “They just don’t believe they have to obey the laws. So now, he may think they’re rules, [but] they’re felony violations of the law and we intend to enforce them.”

Deputies are asking people with any knowledge of his whereabouts to call the Jefferson County Sexual Predator Hotline at 325-4779.

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