Neighbor hides, rescues children after fatal domestic shooting

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT)  — Although she may have saved the lives of several children, Lashundra Guss has deep regrets from Wednesday night. Guss was over at her friend’s home, Coral Wilson–who she knew as Coral Norris, watching television with her and her eight children when an unwelcome visitor showed up at the door.

The childrens’ father kicked in the door to the home, demanding to see his family. Guss said that she spoke to him and got him to leave.

“When he kicked in that door on us, I should have called the police,” Guss said, “but I said, just leave. He had the kids all riled up. So I said, please leave. I got Coral to lock the door down.”

Guss didn’t know the man would return later, allegedly armed. She had returned to her own home to check on her diabetic mother when she heard a loud noise. “[Momma] said maybe it’s just the neighbor upstairs walking,” Guss remembered. “I said, Momma, that’s no neighbor walking. That boy is around there shooting at that house. I had already known it. He kicked in the door while we were there watching TV. I should have gone ahead and called the police. You know what I’m saying? Maybe my friend would be here with me now…”

Coral was shot and killed. Four of the children were also hit. Three ran over to Guss’ home. She immediately saw that one of the little boys had been hit in the hand and groin.

“I noticed he kept drifting off, so I’m like, baby you’ve got to stay awake and talk to me. I said do not go to sleep, but he was leaking [blood] so bad.”

Guss began to treat the child’s wounds as best as she could. “I’m a traveling nurse,” she explained. “I was trying to tie him off so I could at least slow down the blood flow.”

After police arrived and the children were taken to the hospital, Guss spent the night in fear on her apartment floor. The suspect had not been captured, and Guss believed he would have killed her, too, if she had been at Coral’s home when the bullets started flying.

“It didn’t really hit me until this morning, until the police beat on the door and woke me up. I was so scared I slept on the floor. I didn’t even care, I got on the floor. He didn’t like for us to be around each other. He didn’t want anybody to help her, but we’ve got to stick together. If we don’t have each other, we’ve got nobody.”

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