Tuscaloosa man accused of setting boyfriend’s house on fire

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE MAY 13, 2016: Tuscaloosa Fire Marshal Gene Holcomb says Demarcus Scott was booked Friday morning for arson in connection with the house fire.

ORIGINAL: A Tuscaloosa man is charged with domestic violence after allegedly setting his boyfriend’s house on fire.

Ruby Williams says her son and Demarcus Scott had a troubled relationship. According to Williams, Scott intentionally set the house on Meadow Lawn Drive on fire.

“He could have killed somebody, but by the grace of God my son woke up and he got out and the whole house was on fire blazing on this side of the home,” Williams said.

Demarcus Scott was charged with two counts of domestic violence, reckless endangerment and eluding police officers. Tuscaloosa Fire Marshal Gene Holcomb says arson was the cause of the house fire. Demarcus Scott could also face arson charges.

“We have determined the fire was a result of an arson. The person sprayed flammable liquid in the window and ignited it with a lighter and a piece of paper inside the window and caused the fire,” Holcomb said.

Tuscaloosa police are investigating the case. The house caught fire Wednesday morning just after 9 a.m. Police responded to 1 Meadow Lawn in Tuscaloosa on a fully-involved house fire after a passerby saw flames and smoke at the back of the home. Two people were rescued from the home and taken to the hospital for injuries from the fire. Police Lt. Teena Richardson says police have responded to the residence in recent days in relation to domestic disturbances.

Ruby Williams says she is glad Demarcus Scott is in jail.

“Yes I am glad he is off the street, he can’t do anymore harm to anyone so yes I am glad.”  Williams is also thankful her son and another friend who were in the home when the fire started are okay.

“I am so grateful because this morning I could have had to bury my son and my aunt. But I am grateful everybody is fine,” she said.

Since January, Tuscaloosa police officers have investigated 1214 domestic violence complaints in the city.

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